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What is the difference between microfiber fabrics and cotton fabrics?

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What is the difference between microfiber fabrics and cotton fabrics?

What is the difference between microfiber fabrics and cotton fabrics?

Now there are too many fabrics on the market, different fabrics have different quality characteristics, microfiber fabrics and cotton fabrics are often used in bedding sets, a lot of people are not very clear about the difference between the two.

The microfiber fabrics are soft, warm and comfortable, suitable for winter use, and will not fade and pilling.But because fluffes can fall off,   allergic to fluffes, dust easily person should not use the quilt made of microfibers fabrics.The pure cotton fabrics have good moisture absorption and air permeability, also will not stimulate to the skin, and can better protect the skin, prevent allergies.So selecting microfiber fabrics or cotton fabrics depends on individual needs, suitable is the best.

Introduction to microfiber fabrics and cotton fabrics what is microfiber fabric?

Micrifiber, also known as grinding.It can make warp and weft yarns produce fluff at the same time, and fluff is short and dense.Smooth velvet surface, feel plump, soft, full of velvet, soft luster, no aurora.We can use it as thin quilt at the same time with no ball.because of Its puff,thickness and warm performance.

Features of microfiber fabrics

Soft and thick.By rubbing the fabric, it becomes very soft, just like kneading the dough, it becomes more and more soft and flexible.It will not pilling easily because of the unique grinding process, friction caused by the wear clothes and wash the clothes at daily life is completely to remove in the process of production, this is an innovation process and new varieties.Due to strong imitation of the human body we will make the formation of the fabric plus polyurethane emulsion, and then through a new round of grinding,fabric surface will form a simulation effect of artificial skin feeling, high fidelity.

What is cotton fabric?

Pure cotton fabric is a kind of textile made of cotton, which is interwoven by warp and weft yarn through loom.At present, according to the actual cotton source, it is divided into primary cotton fabric and regenerated cotton fabric.Cotton with more than 65% cotton content is pure cotton, do not think that pure cotton is organic cotton, they still have differences.

Features of cotton fabrics


Cotton fiber has better hygroscopicity, fiber can absorb moisture from surrounding atmosphere, but also can send moisture into the air, so that the fabric to maintain a water balance, making people feel comfortable.

2、Heat preservation

Because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, the thermal conductivity is very low, and also because cotton fiber itself has the advantages of porosity and high elasticity, so it has a good   heat preservation.

3、Heat resistance

Pure cotton fabric has good heat resistance, which will only cause moisture evaporation without damaging the fiber on the fabric under 110℃.

4、Alkali resistance

Cotton fiber is resistant to alkali, cotton fiber in alkali solution, the fiber will not be destoryed, this property is good for washing and disinfecting impurities after use.


Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, its main component is cellulose, containing a small amount of wax and nitrogen and pectin.No irritation or side effects from contact with skin.

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